Educational expenses can easily build up from elementary school through college. There are always unexpected additional school expenses that could pop up throughout the year that you and your family can’t control. While some school expenses like school supplies can be anticipated, unexpected educational expenses can put people in a difficult situation.

From extra school supplies for an important class project, to paying for standardized test fees, the cost of education can change in a moment’s notice. These types of school expenses are difficult to work into your regular budget. There might be a time that cash is needed in-between paychecks to help with these unanticipated and last-minute educational expenses. CashMax can help cover these unforeseen costs.


Tuition and School Supplies

Parents need to start planning for their kids’ education soon after they’re born. The cost of education for elementary to college students grows every year. Schools often change the list of required supplies each year as the curriculum evolves. The impact of these surprise educational costs can be lessened by making it a habit to set a small amount of money your budget allows aside every month.

Sports and Extracurricular Activities

If your child is involved in sports or other extracurricular activities, there are usually fees to participate, as well as transportation and uniform costs. Not to mention new clothing for uniforms or every-day wear. All of these costs can add up. These types of school expenses, unfortunately, are difficult to prepare for and may require a unique solution.

No matter your family budget, school expenses can start to build up to be higher than expected. Back-to-school time is already stressful without the added pressure of trying to figure out where the money for educational expenses is going to come from. While it’s important to have a financial plan and budget, we all know that life can sometimes just happen.


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At CashMax, we can help cover the unexpected educational expenses you may experience throughout the year. As a local solution for your emergency cash needs, we understand the stress surprise school expenses can have. Let our team assist you in finding a solution that meets your needs.

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