Home Repair Loans

Unexpected home expenses can happen at the least opportune time. We are never prepared to pay out a large sum of money to get home repairs taken care of, but they have to be taken care of quickly. Home repairs needs could range from plumbing issues, electrical problems, damage to the home from pest infestation, water from storm damage, theft or intruder damage, window replacements, or even a major appliance breaking down (refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, etc). The repairs are needed and they are needed right away in order for you to get back to the “normal” routine. There might be a time that cash is needed in-between pay checks to help with emergency auto repairs. CashMax payday cash advances can help cover these types of unexpected expenses.

Unexpected Home Repairs

It is hard to be prepared for sudden and unexpected home repair needs. Plumbing or electrical issues can happen in your home when you least expect them too. The more that you know about your home and keep up the maintenance, the easier it will be to be to handle these unexpected events. Finding a reputable plumber, electrician or pest control professional is vital to having your home repaired correctly the first time. If a major appliance needs repair, make sure to contact your appliance manufacturer or the store that you purchased the appliance for suggestions for a repair company. Family and friends can also share recommendations for these services. If you are able, get at least three estimates for the cost and type of repairs. Make sure that all the work that is needed is listed and shown to you before the repairs are approved and completed.

Financing Home Repairs

How do you pay for an unexpected home repair, especially when it is in-between paychecks? A payday loan can provide a sensible alternative to costly bounced checks, late payment charges and tarnished credit ratings when paying for unexpected home repairs. A homeowner may wonder how much money can I borrow with CashMax? A cash advance or an instant cash loan can vary from $100 to $1,000 depending on your home repair loan needs.

CashMax is a resolution for emergency cash needs from emergency car repairs to unexpected school and home repair costs. The approval process is quick, easy and confidential. You will not need to fill out a lot of paperwork to get the money that you need. We have a simple process that will allow you to receive the cash that you need to make your home repairs. The process is quick, easy and confidential!